Anonymous asked: whats the sweetest thing kiras ever done for you


That’s a really tough question to answer. She does so much for me on a daily basis. Our past time seeing each other was earlier this month. During that trip I had a little bit of a breakdown about having to leave the next day and be away from her again. She held me tightly, and kissed me, and she sang our song to me. When she did that it just really hit something inside of me. It meant a lot to me. I just remember feeling so lucky. I’ve got quite an amazing girl. 


i just ate some delicious ravioli. no i didnt. do u see how easily lies can be spread on the internet?

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IF YOU DON’T GET THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN PANSEXUALS AND BISEXUALS THEN you’re pretty normal i mean lots of people use the definitions and words interchangeably so your confusion is valid and not at all bigoted as some might say

dude sometimes even we get confused like i thought i was bisexual for 7 years before i actually realised i’m pansexual

same bro

I like this post.

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shoutout to the friends that still like me

all two of you

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things that are cute:

  • when girls put their hair up in messy buns and there are a bunch of stray hairs hanging around their face/back of their neck
  • when girls wear beanies
  • when girls wear backwards baseball caps
  • when girls do literally anything ever
  • girls

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when someone makes jokes out of your insecurities 


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*abled cis voice* how do you go outside

*cis voice* but what if i said trans people smelled like cheese, huh? checkmate sjws

*cis voice* but if i have privilege then why isn’t my life perfect

*cis voice* what do you mean there’s more than 2 genders? *clutches to 9th grade biology book*

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do twins ever realize one of them was unplanned

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saying “that’s how things are” is incredibly useless when talking about social issues because yes, we are aware that that’s how things are, and we don’t like it, that’s the whole point

congratulations on providing no useful input to the conversation

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